I am doing what I love. Like so many Americans, I lost my job during the recession and had the opportunity to think about what makes me happy. My pets. They are my family. They are my children. I treat them like my children and I will give your pets that same TLC. 

I started out by taking care of friends’ and families’ pets and that quickly grew into a regular and diverse client group. I have cared for dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits, turtles and fish.

We love our pets. But our three older cats became traumatized whenever we boarded them
 – wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t sleep – so we made a decision not to do that again.


My entire life I have loved pets. From taking in strays to caring for our family dogs or rabbits, I have never met an animal I didn’t bond with. So when it came time to leave my own pets to go on vacation, I couldn’t do it. I found myself imposing on the same caring friends – until I realized there are people out there just like me who will come to my house, to my pets’ comfort zone, and watch over them. That’s when I decided to join Bee in pet sitting. 

Between Bee and Rose, we have had over 40 pets of our own during our lives. We know the love, commitment, and yes, obligation of these four-legged extended family members. We know the anxiety that comes with leaving them for extended periods. That’s why we started PurrWaggles Pet Sitting. In-home pet sitting changed our lives. This convenient, come-to-you service is truly amazing for pet lovers.

Meet the Owners:

Bertha Vasquez and Rose Pena.

Lifetime pet lovers and regular Animal Defense League volunteers. 

About Us

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