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”I was recently promoted at work, which is wonderful, but this means I have to work late almost everyday. I have a senior dog, Chelsea, and having Bee come and feed and take Chelsea out for potty break at 5:00pm has changed our lives. I can stay late at work knowing that Chelsea is being looked after. I can even go to the occasional “after work” get together and not worry about rushing home. The peace of mind I have is PRICELESS. Thank you PurrWaggles and thank you Bee and Rose for all the love and care you give my Chelsea.” 

- Carol


“Miss Kitty loved being able to stay home while I was gone. I will definitely use Purr Waggles Pet Sitting Service again!”  

- Erica

“My cat Ginger was my baby before I had my little girl. When I became pregnant and couldn’t clean her litter box, I started calling friends to help here and there. That got old fast. Then I called the ladies at PurrWaggles, planned a regular schedule and didn’t have to worry about getting near the litter box for a year. It worked great!” 

- Liz


“I have used the services provided by the ladies of Purr Waggles Pet Sitting Service since before they became an “official business” (the last 5 years) and I absolutely love them because they are helpful, attentive, caring and sensitive to the needs of each individual cat. In fact, I would go so far as to say that my cats, Felix and Miss Vicki, are so well looked after while I am away that I suspect they might be slightly annoyed when we come home again!" I highly recommend Purr Waggles Pet Sitting Service without any reservations whatsoever!!!” 

- Cher


"Minni must love PurrWaggles, because most of our past pet sitters have never even seen her! B is great about meeting Minni's 'special' needs and I think she appreciates that - - I know I do. I'm very pleased with the staff and the service provided by PurrWaggles!"

- Terri